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Wayne Baker -- Managing Director
Wayne has over 28 years in the trades. He is a Maryland Statewide Master Electrician and Master HVACR Category One. Wayne is one of a very select few in Maryland who is a Master in Electrical and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration. Unsurpassed in troubleshooting, Wayne has "The Solution to Your Problem".

Thomas Baker -- Managing Director
Tom has over 21 years in all phases of commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical work. Licensed Master Electrician in both Maryland and Virginia. Tom brings to the table a common sense approach on all projects ranging from a single duplex to the most critical back-up systems.

Timothy Dunn -- Supervisor
A 3rd generation electrician with 18 years in the trade. From nuclear power plants in the Arizona desert, custom homes on the beaches of California, and world class offices in Baltimore , Tim has done it. Quality is job #1.


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